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In 1996 the government made it law that all landlords who rent part or all of a property, must have all gas appliances and gas pipe work checked. To prove the property is gas safe a certificate is issued by a competent registered gas installer and this will be valid for 12 months unless there is a change of tenant. The landlord is required to ensure these checks are done on an annual basis.

gas safety checklist

  1. Flue flow test (open flue appliances)
  2. Check for satisfactory operation of flame failure devices
  3. Check appliances are secure and correctly positioned
  4. Upon completion a certificate will be issued stating whether appliances are safe to use
  1. Check gas installation pipe work for gas tightness
  2. Check working gas pressures
  3. Check burner pressure and gas rate
  4. Check Emergency controls are accessible and labelled correctly
  5. Check Ventilation

discounts available

  1. £65 inclusive for up-to two appliances e.g. boiler, cooker or fire
  2. £10 per additional appliance